How We Got Started

The concept for Clothesabyss was established when two friends had an extraordinary idea; to seek the highest quality beachwear around the globe, while giving customers the most sought after cutting edge styles. We pride ourselves in putting our customers at the forefront.  Our unique designs will be sure to make you stand out the moment you catch that perfect wave. We want our customers to "Surf the wave of life with the clothes you wear.”


 Integrating the best technology into our apparel is of the utmost importance to us. Fabric, fit, function, and feel are all key elements to the Clothesabyss experience. We value each and every customer and always want you to have the best shopping experience.



What We Stand For



Grant Mitchell

I have always wanted to be an entreprnuer by heart, But most of all I have wanted to help the world achieve great accomplishments. Clothesabyss is the start of all my dreams becoming true.

Christian Groh

As I majored in business throughout college, I grew a passion for entrepreneurship and the ways I could creatively express myself within my business. From a young age, hard work was instilled in me as an essential component to achieving my goals. I take pride in hand selecting our products so that we reflect versatility and style. I am thrilled you are here and hope you enjoy Clothesabyss as much as I do!